About Me

I was born a sinner into a family of sinners who were saved in the same dramatic search-and-rescue way that I was.  I am privileged to serve as the  Vice President of Mobilization at ABWE Intl. after having previously served as missionary, pastor, international business entrepreneur, and EVP of Northland International University.  I have been married to Tara since 1998 and we have been blessed with 4 children (oddly, also sinners).  I love the Church, and the I love the Commission of Christ to spread his fame and Good News of reconciliation to every people group on earth.

I love Uyghurs, good books, friends, and preaching.  I speak Mandarin Chinese badly enough to get lost in a deep conversation.  I am blessed to have friends who are smarter than me, a church that is more patient than me, and a wife who is simply better than me.

I like the Green Bay Packers, and think baseball is the greatest game ever invented.  I believe that pitchers who throw breaking balls are all secret magicians.

I’m a penitent prodigal who has been given a gift I don’t deserve from a Father that gave me an inheritance that wasn’t mine.  Thank you Jesus.

You can check out a weekly podcast I co-host with Alex Kocman called The Missions Podcast were we have interviews and discussions on a variety of missions related topics.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Joan Dunford says:

    God Bless you Scott. I am praying for you and your ministry.

  2. Brian says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere. Hope you and your family are adjusting well to your new ministry in the States!


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